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Survival Kitchen and Cooking Equipment

When preparing for an upcoming survival training exercise people tend to pack up the first aid kit, the various bug out bags, and a host of other nice to have's and necessities however, the one thing they usually do not dwell upon too much is the cooking equipment and supplies that will be needed in the field. This usually proves to be one of the leading mistakes logged into their exercise journals.

The first Bug out I attended was an eye opener. Here I was making instant coffee and had a well equipped bug out vehicle while another family in a tent no less was drinking fresh brewed coffee. I thought immediately that something was amiss with this picture. The family with the tent had brought a "Melitta Coffee Maker" with them. Needless to say for my next exercise I had a Melitta also.

During Y2K I had wised up considerable and my store of rations included shrimp, lobster and a variety of unusual but palatable delicacies all in cans. My supply of spices to perk up the flavor of all the emergency foods had increased. This time I felt I was ready for the challenge. I apparently had not learned my lesson as well as I had thought for once again I concentrated more upon the food portion of the supplies then the equipment used to prepare it.