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King David of Israel - The Man Whom I Envy Most

There are a number of rich and famous people in   numerologist   this world who conquer the world's fame and wealth as if they belong among the few, exclusive "Luckiest Club" members who dominate and almost own the whole world. No wonder if there are people who envy their kingly status as others have been striving and surviving from poverty and depression.

Am I envied on their wealth? No.
Am I envied on their fame? No.

But there's only one man who stands out from the crowd whom I really envy most. He's a small but a great man in Israel, who many may have not recognized his greatness, especially in these modern times. He is David, the shepherd of Israel-- who toppled the fearsome, giant Goliath into submission and shocked his mighty army to surrender. He is the person whom I envy most.