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Hoodia Clinical Studies - The Hoodia Hype is Surprising

Hoodia products seem to work for many overweight people.   The 2 Week Diet However, I'm often shocked by the overuse of the term "hoodia clinical trials" or "hoodia-clinically proven" in the over-the-top marketing of what could be a great product for you.

Generally, in my opinion, the so-called "clinical trials" are unnecessary and irrelevant. Pumping up the claims for hoodia products with science claimsis not even necessary.

Most people (and companies) use research just like a drunk uses a lamppost - for support and not illumination! They use whatever research is available to support their claims and normally exclude research that doesn't match the outcome they want. The research quoted in many hoodia ads may shed a little light on the efficacy of hoodia. But it's more often used to prop up outrageous claims.

Instead of illuminating the potential benefits of hoodia, advertisers obscure the real value of this product by promoting useless scientific claims.

A consumer's problem is that none of us normally have the time to go beyond the scientific "claims" to understand the raw basis of the claim.

Here are the facts about the largest privately-funded human clinical study ever conducted on humans with any kind of hoodia or hoodia extract.

Company executives promoted the fact they were starting a human clinical trial on a "miracle molecule" in the hoodia plant in a press release in mid-2001. In December of 2005, it was announced the study was completed.

The company then stated, "Preliminary data also indicate a statistically significant reduction in body fat content in the (study) group compared with the placebo group."