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Haircuts to Disguise Baldness - Let's Face it Ladies, Only Bald Men Are Considered Sexy

If you look at a few haircuts to disguise baldness,  Keranique    you'll see that they don't really hide much of anything at all. A "comb-over" is still the best option and everyone knows that the style is pretty unattractive.
Men are luckier than women, in one respect. Many women consider bald men sexy. Lists of the world's sexiest men often include one or two bald guys.
It's still not really "acceptable" for a woman to shave her head. A few really beautiful women have gone bald for a while. But, women with long flowing, thick locks are still the "ideal".
If you're not ready to shave your head, you could consider buying a wig or toupee. They are a little better looking than they were at one time. Of course, they won't "feel" like someone's natural head of hair. So, what's the real solution? Why not re-grow your own hair?